The cultivation of these trees, gives us the chance to produce these golden-colored figs, with delicate skin and fluffy and soft texture.  Full of aromas and tastes from the local herbs. They are lusciously sweet and feature a complex texture that combines the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds.

Figs are a healing fruit and the health benefits of eating figs are amazing. They are an excellent source of minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber. An authentic superfood, and the most juicy, aromatic and delicious fig that you have ever tasted! Unsulphured, without preservatives or chemical fertilizers.
Enjoy ASKADA, the delicious pair of figs!


Stuff them with goat or sheep cheese and crushed walnuts for a light but flavorful appetizer. Alternatively, simmer them in water, red wine, or juice to make them soft and plump and ideal for sauces, marinades, chutneys, and glazes.

They are also delicious when blended with rice or quinoa, spices, and chicken or duck in pilafs. While irresistible in salads, these figs are also delicious sliced thinly into sandwiches, or simply served along with your favorite cheese.

A chewy treat perfect at any time of the day.


A must for the fig lovers! A fruity, rich and sweet fig syrup – clean and pure. It is the extract of our carefully selected organic dried figs without adding any sweeteners or preservatives, thus offering rich fig flavor. Known, but forgotten for years, as it was used by previous generations as a natural sweetener, and also remedy with amazing health benefits.


Try this versatile syrup on baked goods and breakfast treats, such as waffles and pancakes. Trickle a little over ice cream, yogurt or fresh fruit. This is a rich syrup to complement green salads as an ingredient in dressings, risotto or drinks as a natural sweetener. Drizzle on cheese and enjoy! Add it in your cocktails as a secret ingredient. Let yourself enjoy the sweet fig flavor!


Flavorful, deeply fruity taste and complex with notes of caramel and honey.

A delicious natural spread made with the finest ingredients, as more of 80% is our excellent organic Kymi figs.

Its flavor is sweet and fruity, with a thick spreadable texture, and hidden lemon notes, thanks to the tiny pieces of organic lemon zest.

Made with just 3 ingredients. Gluten free, no artificial color, no pectin, no preservatives.


Try this versatile spread on baked goods and breakfast treats,

pastries and pies, or desserts. Yummy in sandwiches, and a perfect match with goat cheese on a cracker!

It is excellent as part of a cheese platter or a charcuterie board.


Deep into this figgy, sweet and intense complex flavor with a spicy finish. Made in the Mediterranean with the best varieties of dried fruit: figs and raisins!

Onion and ginger enhance the flavor, to produce a remarkably versatile complement with thick texture.


An ideal cheese pairing, this product has endless sweet and savory applications.

You can use it on grilled cheese, or as a spread to take your grilled sandwich to the next level! A fantastic addition to richly flavored meats, or cured sausages, and absolutely delicious even as burger topping. Dilute slightly with water and use to glaze meats & poultry with roasted, sweet potatoes and butternut squash… Mix it with Greek yogurt to make dips, or whisk into vinaigrette with olive oil and use it as salad dressing!


Dried Figs in Red Wine covered with Dark Chocolate

An irresistible delicacy.

A unique and delicious greek artisan confection for fig and chocolate lovers!

The culinary excellence of the Kymi fig in combination with dark chocolate boosts the senses. We dip the dried figs in greek red wine before they are enrobed with dark and rich chocolate and then sprinkled with “golden” fig seeds on the top!



mini size Our beloved fig chocolates, in mini size, ideal for a handy pleasure! Enjoy three bites of happiness!


Dried Figs with Dark Chocolate, sprinkled with Thyme & Fleur de Sel 

An exclusive delicacy!

A unique and delicious Greek artisan confection for fig and chocolate lovers!

The characteristic Mediterranean flavors combined together in a chocolate! Fleur de Sel de Messolonghi, together with the thyme of Euboean land, are “matched” uniquely with the bittersweet dark chocolate. Inside them, a sweet dried fig from Kymi, is waiting to provide a unique pluralism of tastes, that will travel you to the memories of the Greek summer and nature.



mini size Our beloved fig chocolates, in mini size, ideal for a handy pleasure! Enjoy three bites of happiness!